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"Biologic Coordinators are at the foreground of coverage, education, and injection training. If we aren’t knowledgeable on current therapies and their patient programs, office efficiency is hindered and the patient suffers."    - BCOD Member 

What is a Biologic Coordinator?

A biologic coordinator is an individual, or group of individuals, within a Dermatologist’s office who manages a patient’s journey from prescription to drug acquisition. This role navigates the complexities of patient access on behalf of those prescribed biologics. 

In addition to drug and disease education, BCs’ efforts entail communicating with insurance providers, completing enrollment forms, reviewing benefit verifications, submitting prior authorizations, writing appeals and letters of medical necessity, directing patient assistance and bridge programs, and coordinating all efforts of specialty pharmacies and manufacturer HUBs.

It is no surprise that the most rewarding part of the job is when a patient who has suffered from psoriasis or atopic dermatitis for years offers tearful gratitude for what one has made possible for them through ensuring access to transformative medication.

If you ask a Biologic Coordinator what they do, you may hear one say, “We Change Lives”


Shayli Nichols
Years in Dermatology:

Title: Study Coordinator; Biologic Coordinator
Practice: The Derm Institute of W. Michigan
Industry: Speaker and advisor to several pharmaceutical companies

Why do you support a community for
Biologic Coordinators?

I support a community of Biologic Coordinators because without them the seamless process of getting medication filled at the pharmacy and into the patients hand would be a lot more difficult.

A place to network with other Biologic Coordinators is a great way to improve our processes and empower us as a group, which benefits everyone involved in the therapeutic process.

Janelle Ball
Years in Dermatology:

Title: Biologic Coordinator
Practice: Optima Dermatology and The Dermatology Center of Indiana
Industry: Speaker and advisor to several pharmaceutical companies

What do you enjoy most about working as a Biologic Coordinator?

My favorite part about being a Biologic Coordinator is celebrating clearance with patients. Seeing them in office after struggling with skin issues for what could be a lifetime is amazing.

 Helping them save money and changing people’s quality of life is very rewarding. I enjoy being a part of the process.

Heather Sawrey
Years in Dermatology:

Title: CPC; Biologic Coordinator
Practice: Forefront Dermatology
Industry: Speaker and advisor to several pharmaceutical companies

Why is the position of a Biologic Coordinator so important?

Providers know the therapeutic drugs that are suitable for their patients but are often unaware of the patient programs that compliment each drug.

It is the Biologic Coordinator who is familiar with approval steps and requirements, and who takes ownership of access and affordability.