About BCoD

Biologic Coordinators of Dermatology (BCOD) is an exclusive community dedicated to advancing the role of biologic coordinators in dermatology. We are a community for healthcare professionals who manage and facilitate biologic therapies for various dermatological conditions. Our mission is to empower biologic coordinators by providing them with education, networking opportunities, and advocacy, ensuring they have the latest knowledge and skills to support patient access in dermatology effectively. Formed in 2019 to remedy gaps in education and advocate for greater patient access.

Who We Serve

BCOD is a pivotal resource for biologic coordinators, dermatologists, medical assistants, and healthcare professionals involved in patient access and treatment in dermatology.

Our community is for those seeking to deepen their understanding of biologic therapies and improve patient outcomes. Whether you are a seasoned biologic coordinator or new to the field, BCOD provides the tools, resources, and network to enhance your professional growth in dermatology.

What is a Biologic Coordinator?

A biologic coordinator in dermatology plays a critical role in managing and facilitating biologic therapies for skin conditions. These specialized healthcare professionals work closely with dermatologists and patients to navigate the complex landscape of biologic treatments, which often involves coordinating care, handling prior authorizations, and ensuring patient adherence to treatment regimens. Biologic coordinators are essential for optimizing patient outcomes in dermatology by providing efficient and effective administration of advanced therapies.


On average, our members…


average # of supported prescribers


inform their prescribers of patient coverage


select practice software and workflow programs


have the authority to choose a speciality pharmacy partner


discuss branded skincare products with patients


average # of patients supported per month


prior authorizations completed per month

The work of BCoD is made possible through the efforts of a small group of volunteers, our partners, and our team of professional staff.

If BCoD has inspired your work, consider joining our volunteer group.