BCoD Academy

We understand the crucial role that patient access professionals play in helping patients access biologic treatment. BCoD Academy is designed specifically for these professionals who work tirelessly to collaborate with healthcare providers, insurance companies, specialty pharmacies, and manufacturers. This collaboration is vital for managing prior authorizations, step therapy, and denials, all of which are necessary to ensure that patients receive the care they require. Seize the opportunity to enhance your skills and contribute to pioneering patient outcomes.

Patient and Office Resources

Dive into a comprehensive collection of resources aimed at streamlining patient care and office efficiency. Discover guides, templates, and tools that will transform your practice’s approach to patient access and treatment management.

Educational Videos

Our video library offers a rich learning experience with insights from leading experts in dermatology. From the fundamentals of biologic treatments to advanced patient communication strategies, elevate your expertise at your own pace.

Ask A Question

Encounter a challenge or curious about a new development? Our ‘Ask a Question’ section provides direct access to industry experts. Get the answers you need to continue providing top-notch care.

Get Certified

Stand out in your field with our certification program. Designed for professionals dedicated to advancing their careers, our program validates your expertise in biologic coordination and patient access, setting a new standard in dermatology care.

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We invite you to share your expertise with our 6,000+ subscribers. Seize the opportunity to be recognized as an authority in your field, enhance your personal brand, and share valuable insights with peers.

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