Heather Sawrey

Heather Sawrey

Heather is an experienced biologic coordinator passionate about helping patients achieve optimal skin health. With 15 years of dedicated service in the field, she holds the position of Biologic Coordinator at the George Washington University Department of Dermatology. Her journey as a lifelong atopic dermatitis patient fuels her commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others. As Heather sees it, everyone deserves good skin; she loves making that happen.

Shayli Nagelkerk

Shayli is an experienced dermatology tech with over 20 years of experience. She’s certified in CDT, PACS, and MA, and currently serves as a clinical manager overseeing 700+ patients. Shayli is driven by her passion to deliver top-notch care.

Craig Schuette

Craig is an accomplished executive and co-founder of BCoD. He has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and specializes in marketing and commercial strategy. Craig is also the founder of Access Dermatology, the official publication of BCoD. His leadership and market expertise have contributed to the organization’s vision and growth.

Amy Brennan

Amy is a Prior Authorization Coordinator at Skincare Physicians. With 7 years of experience in Dermatology, she helps patients access vital treatments and procedures. Amy handles over 400 patients a month with exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail.

Neomia ‘Neo’ Cuellar

Neo is a highly skilled professional with 14 years of experience in Dermatology. Currently serving as a Biologic Coordinator and Medical Assistant at Alliance Dermatology, she is well-versed in the field. With previous roles as a Supervisor, Compliance Officer, and Surgical Technician at Arizona Dermatology, Neo’s expertise spans various aspects of patient care. Neo’s commitment to providing outstanding care is evident, as they manage a monthly patient load of over 500 individuals.