Partner with BCoD

BCoD is committed to advancing patient access by supporting the work of biologic coordinators and patient access office staff nationwide. Through the partnership of industry, BCoD is bringing value, innovation, and enhanced patient access to our dermatology offices. 

Partners are encouraged to connect with us to collaborate with and reach our engaged member community. We look forward to providing our members exclusive opportunities to bring favorable patient access.

Contact us to view our partner guide and customized opportunities for brand visibility.

If we aren’t knowledgeable on current therapies, patient access programs, and the latest software workstream programs, office efficiency is hindered, and the patient suffers.

–Shayli Nagelkerk, RMA, BC, PACS

Thank you to our strategic partners who support the work of our community. As a partner of BCoD, offices and manufacturers can utilize the systems below to further innovation and efficiency in patient access. Contact BCoD to learn more of these platforms and take advantage of partnering discounts.

QliqSOFT Logo Black


QliqSOFT is the developer of the Quincy multimodal platform that harmonizes people and technology across the patient access journey.

Biologic Coordinators of Dermatology has partnered with QliqSOFT to bring technological innovation to the FRM and BC workstreams with HIPPA-compliant secure messaging.

• Expedite patient-focused collaboration between the FRM and BC
• Streamline the complex approval process
• Reduce communication and documentation obstacles

Lyceum RxNexus Logo

Lyceum Health

Lyceum Health and Biologic Coordinators of Dermatology (BCoD) have partnered to launch RxNexus, a service to optimize biologic coordination and fill patient communication gaps.

RxNexus has been designed with leaders in medical dermatology to reduce the ever-increasing administrative burden when prescribing biologics. This technology ensures all biologic coordination staff has the resources and expertise needed to be time efficient.

• Automate labor-intensive tasks
• Digitize clinic-level processes
• Improve ongoing connectivity to patients on specialty medications